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FAQ: Estate Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning means making plans and arrangements that say how your affairs will be handled after you die, or if you are disabled during your lifetime. Your Estate Plan consists of legal documents, including your Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will or Trust, and other arrangements that you have made, such as bank account ownership; life insurance beneficiaries; IRA/retirement plan beneficiaries; and the title to your house and other assets.

We tailor your Will and Estate Plan to your unique circumstances, and work with your accountant, financial advisor and other professionals when needed.

Q. Why should I have an Estate Plan?
Making a Will and an Estate Plan allows you to choose how you want your affairs to be handled after your death or disability, and by whom. A good Estate Plan avoids unnecessary taxes and legal expenses, catastrophic costs for long-term or nursing care, and heartache and disappointment. It helps you accomplish your goals for your family.
Q. What is a Will?
A Will is a legal document that says how your affairs will be handled after your death. Your Will says who will inherit some or all of your property, who will be in charge of winding up your affairs, and who will serve as Guardians or Trustees for your minor children or others.
Q. What is a Power of Attorney?
A Power of Attorney is a legal document that says who will handle your affairs if you are disabled or incapacitated by illness or injury during your lifetime.
Q. What is a Trust?
Trusts” include a broard range of uses , but always involve putting someone in whom you have confidence - the Trustee - in charge of money or propety to help someone else - the Trust Beneficiary.
Q. How much does it cost?
Making a thoughtful Estate Plan costs much less in the long-run than not planning secure arrangements for yourself and your family! Our fee, always quoted in advance, is based on the time required, the complexity of the estate plan, and the size of the estate to be safeguarded.
Q. When Should I Make A Will, Power of Attorney And Estate Plan?
Immediately! Everyone should have a Will, Power of Attorney and carefully planned estate arrangements.
Q. Can I change my Estate Plan?
A good Estate Plan is flexible, allowing for changes at any time. We help you carefully consider the options and alternatives, before entering into any inflexible arrangements.
Q. When should I review my Will or Estate Plan?
  • If your family circumstances have changed;
  • If you or a family member is in need of long-term or nursing home care;
  • If your financial circumstances have changed;
  • If you want to change the provisions in your Will or Estate Plan; or
  • If the estate or tax laws have changed.

We will gladly review your Will or Estate Plan to ensure that it is up-to-date.