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Real estate is often the single most valuable kind of property that you may own. "Real property" or real estate refers to interests in land or buildings. ("Personal property" refers to things that are not real estate – such as money, investments, contract rights, vehicles and other tangible property that is not attached to or part of land or buildings.)

Activities involving real estate that may involve or require legal help can include, for example:

  • Purchase or sale;
  • Lending or borrowing;
  • Mortgage or security interests in real estate as collateral;
  • Lease or tenancy;
  • Tax assessment or real estate tax assessment appeals;
  • Use, and zoning;
  • Construction, remodeling or demolition; or
  • Disagreement, dispute or lawsuit.

Real estate ownership and interests in real estate represent a complex area of the law with both ancient roots and precedents, and modern rules and challenges.

Real estate issues are involved in all of our other practice areas such as estate planning, estate administration, and elder law planning. Trusts The real estate experts at Marks Elder Law in Pittsburgh can help you buy, sell, own, manage and protect all your real property interests. We help with real estate transactions and to prevent and avoid problems and disputes concerning real estate, and to resolve real estate disagreements when they arise, in Allegheny and surrounding counties and throughout Pennsylvania.

The skilled attorneys at Marks Elder Law in Pittsburgh have the experience needed to help you with all kinds of real estate challenges. If you are interested in meeting with a real estate attorney in Pittsburgh, contact Marks Elder Law today.

We will gladly review your real estate interests and arrangements to ensure that they are up-to-date.